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Priscilla Wolf

A love for dance and movement combined with a career in education led Priscilla to her first TriYoga® class almost 20 years ago. The Yogaflow® resonated with her immediately, and she decided that she would one day teach this style of yoga. She was fortunate to be able to train with Martha Hamilton at the Sheffield studio and has been teaching Basics, Level One and Level Two for the last ten years. Priscilla attributes her physical flexibility and mental acuity to the practice of TriYoga. Her classes focus on alignment and breath and seek to create a safe and joyful space for body, mind, and spirit.

Certified in TriYoga® Basics - Level 2.


Rosemary Nelson

Rosemary has taught for 48 years bringing her experience from studying with different masters from around the world. She met andstudied with Kali Ray for over 20 years, who is her spiritual teacher. A massage therapist, she brings a special touch in her classes!

Certified in TriYoga® Basics - Level 3.


Michelle Bouche

Michelle began attending TriYoga® classes in Sheffield after moving to the Berkshires from Boston where she had taken Bikram and Iyengar styles of yoga. Attending her first TriYoga Basics class she was amazed “even my toes were stretched…my whole being was nourished. The quiet focus on breath, conscious movement, rhythmic flow, and asanas was exquisite. It was like a dance for my being. I was hooked!”  She continues to attend class, teacher trainings, and workshops with senior teachers and with Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga®.
Over the years her practice and teaching has taken breaks. She is happy to be back, building a new personal practice, and sharing this style of yoga.

Certified in TriYoga® Basics & Level 1. Tai Chi Easy™ & Level 1 Integral Qigong Practice Leader (IIQTC). Access Bars® Practitioner.